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What To Look For When Buying A Gemstone Engraved Lapel Pin?

What To Look For When Buying A Gemstone Engraved Lapel Pin?

Posted by Heeral Mehta on 15th Feb 2022

When you need to buy an exquisite lapel pin for a special occasion, be it a wedding or anniversary, and want nothing less than the best for your loved one, do not just pick the first gemstone lapel pin that comes along.

Consider something unique and of quality, such as Pamoni has always had something best for their customers. If you are looking for lapel pins, Pamoni has everything according to your desire.

You must consider several aspects if you wish to buy something truly exceptional. Here we will look at what they are.

Do You Need To Make A Statement?

Whether it is for a diamond pendant or engraved lapel pin to purchase, one of the most important things to consider when choosing which Gemstone to buy is whether you want it to say something about your love affair with your partner. Perhaps you feel the need to emphasize the strength of your relationship by wearing their birthstone in a lapel pin. Or you might decide that a Gemstone engraved lapel pin with a diamond would best signify the fact that your love is something special.

What Will The did Gemstone engrave Lapel Pin Be Used For?

The answer to this question will determine the type of Gemstone you should choose for your lapel pin and the setting and engraving pattern, if any. Suppose it is used as a subtle status symbol or accessory at work. In that case, you should consider getting an elegant diamond-mounted lapel pin made from white gold or silver without any engravings. However, if it's going to be worn on formal occasions and evenings out and about, then you can opt for a ruby or sapphire gemstone engraved lapel pin in yellow gold with engravings all over it.

Do You Know The Birthstones?

Before choosing a specific gemstone for your engraved lapel pin, you should make sure that you know your loved ones to find something appropriate for them. From diamond and pearl to ruby and sapphire, hundreds of different gemstones exist on Earth today. It is important to note that not all of these gems are suitable for an elegant and classy lapel pin, so always research each type before purchasing it.

Which Setting Should You Choose?

The materials of which the setting of your Gemstone engraved lapel pin is made can also play a role in determining what type of lapel pin you need. Choose an elegant silver-mounted gemstone lapel pin with a small diamond if you want a simple and subtle accessory for your clothes. However, if it is to be used as a status symbol or something worn on formal occasions, we recommend choosing an 18-carat yellow gold-plated ruby or sapphire gemstone engraved lapel pin.

What Should The Engraving Pattern Be?

If you do decide to go for engravings on your lapel pins, there are several different patterns that you can use depending on the occasion and setting; horizontal, vertical, diagonal; straight across, wavy, etc. It is important to note that engravings on gemstone lapel pins make them very delicate and easy to break, so you should only choose this type of design if your lapel pin is worn exclusively on formal occasions.

The Different Types Of Gemstones That Can Be Used

Although we recommended earlier that you choose a birthstone for the loved one, many other types of gemstones can be used as well, including opal, amber, jade, diamond, sapphire, and ruby, to name a few. If you do not have any particular birthstones or preferences, why not choose an elegant lapel pin made from black onyx with a bright diamond in the center? It's sure to go down a treat!

Do You Know The Price Range?

Last but not least, you should always consider your budget when looking for a lapel pin. It is imperative to purchase something truly high quality and exclusive. There are many different lapel pin designs available on the market today, with different prices ranging, so make sure that you choose one that suits your current financial state.

To conclude, if you follow these guidelines when buying a Gemstone engraved lapel pin, you will be able to find something unique and fabulous in no time at all! We recommend choosing Pamoni to create an elegant two-tone effect that can help highlight relationships through their accessories.