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Top 3 suit colour choices for formal events

Top 3 suit colour choices for formal events

Posted by Maja Krdzic on 28th May 2021

Colours, prints, and patterns are one of the details that give a special beauty to each fashion piece. When it comes to men and their choice of colours, sometimes, they can make a mistake, and choose a colour that is not suitable for the event or the occasion.

The formal and official events are most commonly labelled as black-tie events. Whether it is a dinner, a business meeting, a conference, or some reception, formal attire is a must. This formal attire requires wearing a suit, that should be in a suitable and appropriate colour. The colour choice is very important for those who want to leave a serious and smart impression, rather than look inappropriate and funny.

The top three-color choice that you can never go wrong with when picking a formal suit are:


Black is simply a colour that you can never go wrong with. It is a timeless, classic, and elegant choice. Black is both neutral and dominant and it delivers a sophisticated and polished look. When picking a black suit, you understand the importance of the occasion and you choose the classic black as the most suitable choice. A black suit is often paired with a white shirt. As for the accessories, fashion today allows playing with colour. However, the best choice, again, would be a black tie or bow tie.

Navy blue

For all those of you who are looking for something other than black, navy blue is a perfect choice. It is dramatic and elegant, a wonderful choice that will keep the elegance on point. The navy blue can easily be styled and paired with accessories in brown and grey, and still, look stylish and fashionable. This is a choice for all the contemporary men, who are willing to make an impression with the choice of their suit and show their fashionable side.

Dark Grey / Graffiti grey

Dark grey or graffiti grey is another perfect suit choice for official events. Grey is a very popular shade in the fashion industry and is an excellent choice among the younger crowd. Both dark grey and graffiti grey carry some subtle black undertones. A grey suit looks very exclusive and luxurious - a perfect choice if you want to leave one-of-a-kind impressions. Grey can be styled with black and brown, and the overall outfit will look top-notch.

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