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Office gift set guide for your male colleagues

Office gift set guide for your male colleagues

Posted by Maja Krdzic on 28th May 2021

Gifts are an important way of showing a certain kind of appreciation. They are given for many different reasons and on different occasions. The gifts for your family and friends are the easiest ones to choose – since you know the person well. However, when it comes to work and colleagues, the situation is a bit different. Here, you need to pick the right gift that will be both suitable and appropriate.

When it comes to choosing a gift for a male colleague, the options are varied. However, the right gift depends on many different factors, such as how well you know your colleague, whether you work alongside each other, whether he is new, etc. Whichever the case, there are certain gifts that are suitable for all types of male colleagues.

To make the choice easier for you, we at Pamoni have prepared a short gift guide that will help you make the right choice:


A gift that you can never go wrong with is the belt. The belt is one of the most common fashion accessory for men. It is a practical, useful, and appropriate choice when you want to give something useful and significant. The belt can be worn in many different styles and it is something that will certainly be received with great appreciation and gratitude.

Tie & Bow Tie set

Every man needs ties and bow ties in his wardrobe. They are one of the accessories that create and complete one’s elegant look. Fashion trends had changed over the course of history, but ties & bow-ties are ones that stood the test of time and is a regular part of some men's work attire. Especially the ones who are dealing with clients and need to look professional. So, if your colleague is one of them, then, he will be very pleased to receive this set!

Tie & Cufflinks set

If you are looking for something more extraordinary and unique, then, you can upgrade the tie with the addition of cufflinks. Men rarely go shopping for cufflinks, and although they might not wear them so often, they are a great gift because they will come in handy just when needed. The set of a tie, pocket square and cufflinks are a nice upgrade and it shows greater appreciation for your colleague.

With these gift ideas, you are in contention of being the gift-giving-favourite among your male colleagues!